The Different Uses Of Oil Blotting Papers?


Oil blotting papers are excellent for one’s skin. Although they do not solve the root of one’s skin problem, they help remove the extra shine attained due to the excess oil. To click here for more information about the oil blotting papers. Apart from oil-absorbing, oil blotting papers have other different uses. Below are the different oil blotting paper functions.

The different uses of oil blotting paper

1. Oil blotting paper removes the shine from the skin

One of the basic uses of oil blotting paper is to remove shine from your skin due to sweat or oil. Therefore, if your face usually shines, having oil blotting paper comes in handy. Furthermore, the blotting paper ensures that your make-up does not disintegrate easily. Thus, the papers ensure that you can always look fantastic.

2. Make-up setter

If you are a make-up lover, then an oil blotting paper should come in handy. The blotting paper works amazing when setting up one’s make-up. It ensures that the make-up can stay on longer and still look incredible. The best way to use an oil blotting paper is to apply it in the necessary place after applying your make-up, that is, creamy brush, lipstick, or foundation. The paper will quickly absorb any excess oil that can cause your make-up to smudge.

3. Oil blotting paper can be used to de-grease hair

If you are too busy to shampoo and condition your hair, you can use the oil blotting paper to de-grease your hair. The best way to use the paper on your hair is to part your hair and then dab the paper on the part you want to de-grease. The blotting paper on hair will not work as effectively as an extract would, but it will help it remain fresh until you can shampoo it.

4. Make-up de-smudger

If you have make-up smudges, you can use the oil blotting paper to wipe them away. The type of make-up smudges you can wipe away with the blotting paper include; eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick. You can use the oil blotting paper to remove the make-up smudges quickly; thus, it ensures you can keep looking awesome.

5. Oil blotting paper can be used to clean one’s phone

Apart from using the oil blotting paper on your skin, you can clean your phone. Sometimes, make-up, grease, or oil may accumulate on your phone. The accumulation may prevent you from maximally enjoying your phone use. You can use the blotting papers to easily and quickly remove the accumulated dirt at search a time.

6. Used during humid and hot weather

It is very common to sweat during humid and hot weather. Therefore, the oil blotting papers are excellent companions during such times. The paper will ensure that you are fresh every time.

7. Used by people of all skin types

The oil-absorbing paper is not limited to individuals with oily faces only. They can be used by people with normal or dry faces too. Furthermore, they can be used on all body parts apart from sensitive eyes and nose.


The oil blotting papers consist of highly absorbent material. The absorptive functions ensure that the blotting papers are excellent for absorbing oil, sweat, or ink from skin or surfaces such as phones. The above are only some of its basic uses.

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