What exactly is a vape?


An electronic cigarette is commonly known as an E-cigarette or vape. You can breathe in and out the vapors of you’re your favorite flavor without compromising on your nicotine need. It works by heating up the flavored liquid and turning it into the aerosols. And then you can use it. Research has proved that vape pods are less harmful than cigarettes. A pod device will give you a modern look while enjoying vaping. A pod device consists of a battery and a pod. These batteries can be charged according to your use and can last up to 6 days. In stores and websites, pods can be available in different colors and shades. Although so many people use pod devices, the most common consumers of pods are youngsters.

You can change flavors

If you love flavored cigarettes then pod devices come in a vast range of flavors. If you are in love with flavored cigarettes then the pod is a good option for you. The most common flavors are mint and chocolate but other hundreds of flavors are also available in stores. And if you are tired of using the same flavor then you don’t have to worry about it. You can wash the pod and can add a new flavor to the vape pod and can enjoy it.

What is a pod with a vape?

A pod device is normally used with a vape. These are used to intake higher or lower nicotine depending upon your choice. A pod device only works with its specific model in most cases. For using it insert the device into vape and enjoy the benefits of your favorite flavor. These devices are used to increase your nicotine usage but are less detrimental. Keep in mind that a vape pod cannot be used without its device. These vape pods are specific for each type of device. For using your pod device, you have to fill it with the e-liquid and attach it to the device and you can use it right away. You can purchase your favorite flavor from any reliable tobacco store. The best part is that you can refill the flavors and can use the pod device again. These pods come in a wide range of flavors. High-PG juices are best for pod devices. It gives you a better and new experience than cigarettes.

How can you clean your pod device?

For cleaning your device, you have to soak your pod in hot water. First of all, open its cap and check if it is empty or not. Then make sure it is completely soaked in water, and leave it for a while so it can come out clean. Change the water and make sure that no residue or flavor is left in the pod device. For enjoying vaping again you have to dry it and after refilling it you can use it again. The pod device should be given a quick rinse every 10 days, and it should be thoroughly cleaned once every three weeks. For cleaning the coil, you have to dip cotton pads in alcohol for careful cleaning.

Vape pod vs cigarette

Cigarettes are more harmful than vape pod devices. Cigarettes contain more carcinogens; however, vape pod device only contains nicotine. Cigarettes can be only used once and last 5 minutes or even less than that. On the other hand, vape pod devices last long. Cigarettes directly burn tobacco to give nicotine, but in vape pod devices, nicotine is extracted from tobacco in a liquid hence being less harmful than cigarettes. A single vape pod equals to 20 cigarettes. To conclude, a vape pod device is more durable and less harmful than cigarettes.

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