Can You Transfer Coins from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23?


With the release of FIFA 23, many players are eager to start building their new Ultimate Team (FUT). However, some may wonder if they can transfer their hard-earned FIFA coins from the previous edition, FIFA 22, to the new game. In this article, you will explore the possibility of transferring fifa 23 coins from one edition to another and discuss the reasons behind the policy.

EA Sports’ Policy on Coin Transfers

EA Sports has a strict policy that prevents the transfer of FIFA coins from one game edition to another. Any FIFA coins you earned or purchased in FIFA 22 will not be transferred to FIFA 23. You must start from scratch and build your FIFA 23 coin balance through legitimate means, such as playing matches, completing objectives, and trading on the transfer market.

The Rationale Behind the No-Transfer Policy

There are several reasons why EA Sports does not allow the transfer of FIFA coins between game editions:

Level Playing Field:

By resetting everyone’s coin balance at the start of each game edition, EA Sports ensures all players begin on a level playing field. This promotes fair competition and encourages users to engage with the new game’s features and challenges.

Inflation Control:

If players could transfer coins from previous editions, it would lead to an influx of coins in the new game, causing rapid inflation. This would disrupt the transfer market and make it difficult for new players to acquire high-quality players or compete in the game.

Encouraging New Strategies

Each edition of FIFA introduces new gameplay features, players, and dynamics that require players to develop new strategies and adapt to changes. By starting with a clean slate, players can explore and experiment with these new aspects of the game.

What Can Be Transferred to FIFA 23?

Although FIFA coins cannot be transferred, some aspects of your FIFA 22 account can be carried over to FIFA 23:

FIFA Points

Unlike coins, FIFA Points can be transferred from FIFA 22 game to FIFA 23 game. To transfer your points, log in to FIFA 23 and follow the prompts to initiate the one-time transfer.

FUT Club

Your FUT club’s name, established date, and some untradeable items (such as kits or badges) can be carried to the new game.

Starting Fresh in FIFA 23: Tips for Earning Coins

With the inability to transfer FIFA coins, it’s essential to learn how to earn coins in FIFA 23 effectively:

Play Matches

Participate in FUT matches, both online and offline, to earn coins based on your performance.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Complete SBCs to receive valuable rewards, including packs containing players that can be sold for coins.


Regularly check and complete objectives, as they often offer coin rewards.

Division Rivals and FUT Champions:

Playing in competitive modes can lead to significant coin rewards based on ranking.

Trading on the Transfer Market:

Buy low and sell high, invest in popular players, or trade with special cards to profit from the transfer market.


EA Sports does not allow the transfer of FIFA coins from one edition to another to promote fairness, control inflation, and encourage new strategies. FIFA Points and some aspects of your FUT club can be carried over to the new game, but players must earn coins through legitimate means such as playing matches, completing SBCs, and trading on the transfer market. Starting fresh in FIFA 23 presents an opportunity to explore new features and compete on a level playing field.

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