Hot Pressure Washer Versus Cold Pressure Washer


We all know what pressure washers can do and how pressure washers help us get rid of stain, dirt, and grime with utmost efficiency. However, besides the typical cold pressure washer we all know, did you know there is a hot pressure washer that is even more efficient than the cold one?

Unlike the cold pressure washer that cannot retain water with a temperature above 140 °F (60 °C), the hot pressure washer has bigger and heavier components to withstand high-temperature water, enabling it to clean more efficiently. As we continue in this article, we’ll be looking at some advantages the hot pressure washer has over the cold pressure washer and why you need to invest in a hot pressure washer.

Advantages of Hot Pressure Washer Over the Cold Pressure Washer

  • Kills All Kind of Bacteria:The hot pressure washer can sanitize the surface it cleans by killing the germ and bacteria. Some germs and bacteria need to be pressure washed by water with a temperature above 140 °F (60 °C), which is higher than what cold pressure washers can retain. This makes a hot pressure washer the best option when cleaning exterior surfaces.
  • Saves More Time: The high temperature of the water emitted from hot pressure washers makes cleaning a lot faster, thereby saving at least 35% more time than we would have used while cleaning with cold pressure washers.
  • Perfect for Cold Weather Regions: Hot pressure washers are ideal for pressure washing when cleaning in cold weather climates to efficiently combat freezing pipes and surfaces and reduce the rate of icing on surfaces.
  • Cleans off Grease And Oil More Efficiently: Like the cold pressure washer, the hot pressure washer blasts off dirt, sand, and mud. Much more than that, it also takes a step further in performing its cleaning tasks by being able to easily wash away grease and oil from surfaces even without the use of detergents. Grease stains are almost impossible to get rid of using cold water. Still, hot water, on the other hand, can loosen up grease molecules, thereby making it easy to be washed away by the pressurized water.
  • Gentle on Delicate Areas: Heated pressure washers are the perfect cleaning tools for sensitive surfaces where water, cleaning agents, or brushing won’t do the job. Some surfaces require free streams at temperatures as high as 150 °C to gently remove dirt, stain, or residue.
  • Shorter Drying Time: Surfaces cleaned with the hot pressure washer are mostly heated due to the high temperature of water it was washed with; therefore, it tends to dry up faster than ones cleaned with the cold pressure washer.


As clearly shown in this article, hot pressure washers can do all that cold pressure washers can do and more. This type of pressure washer meets every cleaning need you could ask for; they’re cost-effective, sanitary, time-saving, and more efficient. Even though they might be more expensive and harder to maintain, hot pressure washers are certainly worth the investment.

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