Should you choose a hot-water pressure washer or a cold one


While we have talked about pressure washers a lot before, we have mentioned the types that might exist, ranging from electric to gas to battery-powered power washers, which is not the only thing that differs from pressure washers. There can also be washers that can be fitted with hot water and some that are fitted with cold water.

When it comes to the best pressure washer, people who might have been wanting to invest in one might be thinking this question, “Should I invest in a hot-water pressure washer or a cold one?” this question has been asked countless times, and we are here to answer all of your burning queries.

Since cold and hot pressure washers both have the same flow rate of water, they both also have the same GPM, the same PSi, and all in all, the same qualities, how do you differentiate them? Well, you are in luck, as in this article we will differentiate the two with ease.

So, without any further delays let’s see what the main differences are between a cold pressure washer or a hot power washer. Let’s get started!

Oily surfaces

When it comes to oily surfaces, if you attempt to use a cold water pressure washer, you will notice that there is no way that it will get rid of the oil, as cold water can not cut through oil or grease. However, if you attempt to use a hot water pressure washer to clean it, this is the perfect solution to doing it.

So, if you are working on surfaces that have been riddled with a lot of oil or grease. Let’s say that you accidentally spilt over oil on your patio, you will need to use a power washer that has a hot water output in order to clean it. You will notice that the surface will be cleaned without any issue.

Getting rid of dirt

Now, on the other hand, if you are someone who has an extremely dirty driveway or your garage floor is starting to get extremely dirty, then there is no use trying to get rid of the dirt and soil while having a hot water pressure washer in hand. If you are someone who is wanting to get rid of dirt, then use a cold water power washer.

The cold water will not only get rid of lighter dirt, but it will also be able to get rid of soil, mould and algae that has been growing and accumulating in your driveway for years on end. Coldwater can also be perfect for cleaning up graffiti on your walls while using a lighter nozzle so that the overall pressure is not high.

With that, these were some of the differences between a cold water pressure washer and a hot water power washer. Now, the rest of the decisions are yours. Keep in mind if you are someone who is wanting to get rid of dirt, then go with a cold water pressure washer and vice versa.

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